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Author Services

Even the best authors need a fresh set of eyes on their work, and we all need help with the logistics from time to time! Whether you just need a quick proofread to find the typos or help writing your query letters and synopses to get your manuscript ready for publication, I'm here for you!

Reading Fee: $10 per hour

For services listed below requiring the Reading Fee, this fee is $10 per hour, which typically translates to about $10 per 40 pages. You pay the reading fee ONLY ONCE PER DOCUMENT, regardless of how many services your manuscript needs.



Manuscript Evaluation: Reading Fee + $40 ($60 minimum)

An evaluation is a "pre-editing" service and, for most documents, is included for free in your initial consult. For larger works like manuscripts, however, the evaluation must include the time it takes to read the complete work. I will then offer a one-page critique with recommendations for improvements and/or additional services. The minimum time required to complete this service is four days. (MTR: 4d)

Proofreading: $2.50 per page ($20 minimum)

Proofreading constitutes correcting typos and grammar/punctuation errors only. While some suggestions may be given for sentence structure and clarification, proofreading does not include content editing or critique. The minimum time required to complete this service is two days plus one day for every forty pages. (MTR: 2d + 1d/40pg)

Content Editing: $6 per page ($30 minimum)

Includes basic proofreading in addition to editing/critiquing structure and content. Fact-checking is included for non-fiction projects. For fiction, I may offer plot/character suggestions as needed. The minimum time required to complete this service is two days plus one day for every twenty-five pages. (MTR: 2d + 1d/25pg)

Query Letter Template: Reading Fee + $60 ($80 minimum)

The query letter is a one-page cover letter sent with your sample pages or manuscript to literary agents and publishers. It describes your story as well as your own experience and previous accomplishments. I can write up a generic query letter template that can be adjusted as needed to address the individual agents/publishers and conform to each's submission guidelines. The minimum time required to complete this services is four days. (MTR: 4d) See below for help sending your queries.

Literary Queries: $10 per agency, or choose from a package below. ($30 minimum)

Querying literary agencies and publishers can be quite time consuming! Your best chance at publication is to find an experienced agent to represent your work, and your best chance at finding that representation is to query as many lit agencies as possible. In addition to finding the agencies you want to query, each must be researched to determine what genres they accept and their submission requirements. Then each query letter must be personalized for each agent, and synopses and sample pages must be adjusted to the correct length and format. It can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes per query. If you lack the time to submit your queries, consider hiring me for the grunt work! The fee includes a spreadsheet of all agencies queried along with their contact information, guidelines, response time, and requirements for re-submission. In addition, with the purchase of this service, the fee for the query letter template is reduced to $30. The minimum time required for this service is two days plus one day per ten queries. (MTR: 2d + 1d/10pg)

          10 queries = $95

          20 queries = $185

          30 queries = $270

          40 queries = $350

          50 queries = $425

          60 queries = $495

          70 queries = $560

          80 queries = $620

          90 queries = $675

          100+ queries = $7 per agency

Manuscript Summary: Reading Fee + $100 ($120 minimum)

The summary of your manuscript is a one-page broad description of the theme, plot, and main characters. It can take the place of a synopsis for agents/publishes who require a synopsis of no longer than one page. The minimum time required for this services is one week. (MTR: 1w)

Full Synopsis: Reading Fee + $250 ($270 minimum)

A synopsis is a more comprehensive, detailed summary that is essentially a present-tense abridged version of the original work. The long version is the most thorough option which will include the introductions of all characters and main plot points from every chapter. Each chapter will be described in 1-2 paragraphs, and a complete synopsis for a novel is approximately 6-8 pages. The minimum time required for this service is two weeks. (MTR: 2w)

Short Synopsis: Reading Fee + $200, or $100 with purchase of full synopsis

A more condensed version of the full synopsis is available for agencies whose submission guidelines limit it to 2-3 pages. The minimum time required for this service is seven days. (MTR: 7d)

E-Pub Conversion: $50

Ready to e-publish your masterpiece? I can prepare it for publication by converting it into e-pub format. This fee also includes uploading the file to the free online publisher of your choice and making it available for sale on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com. The minimum time required for this service is four days. (MTR: 4d)

Manuscript Submission Prep Package: $550 + $6 per manuscript page ($800 minimum)

This package includes everything you need to start submitting your manuscript to literary agencies and publishers: Query Letter Template, Manuscript Summary, both the Full Synopsis and the short version, E-pub conversion, and ten literary queries. In addition, if you previously paid for a Manuscript Evaluation, with the purchase of this package I will refund the $40 evaluation fee! The minimum time required for this service is two weeks plus one day per twenty manuscript pages. (MTR: 2w + 1d/20pg)

Author Social Media Set-up Package: $75




Author Starter Website: $800

Includes two standard web pages, a portfolio, and a blog. (A $950 value!) See web services for more options. The minimum time required for this service is two weeks. (MTR: 2w)

Book Jacket: Reading Fee + 55¢ per word ($100 minimum)

A standard book jacket is 100-250 words, but clients may request any number of words. The minimum time required for this service is four days. (MTR: 4d)

Printing & Shipping Info

Projects will be emailed in digital format to clients upon completion of services. For an additional 20¢ per page, I can print and deliver the finished project. Clients must pay shipping for delivery by post.


Want to collaborate with me? Let's get creative together! If you have a project idea, I may be interested in partnering with you for no up-front fee. We would then share authorship and split royalties from sales or any other profits. Right now, I'm especially looking for illustrators to collaborate on children's picture books. Please contact me to set up a meeting!