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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call me at (217) 331-8317, email me at email@angietonucci.com, or book an appointment online by clicking HERE.

How do I hire you for a project? What's the process?

(1) You schedule your FREE initial consultation.  (2) We'll meet either in person or via video chat to discuss your needs. I'll take notes and give you a verbal "rough estimate" of the time your project will take to complete and the cost.  (3) I'll go home and draw up a project proposal, which I will email you within two business days of our meeting.  (4) You'll review the proposal and take as much time as you need to request changes.  (5) Once you accept the final proposal, I'll write up a contract, which we can sign in person or via email or fax.  Any required deposits will be due at that time.  (6) I'll get right to work! I'll email you updates along the way, and we can meet as needed to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. Pending no major changes or problems, I'll complete the project by the contract deadline. If you request any further additions or changes, the contract will be amended as needed. Once you are happy with the final project, I'll send you a final bill. Payment will be due 15 days from the invoice date. (Payment plan options are available for project fees greater than $500.)

Help! I have an urgent project! Do you offer rush service?

Absolutely! First of all, please rest assured that "rush service" does NOT mean I will rush haphazardly through your project and give you shoddy results! The "Minimum Time Required" for each project is the turnover time determined based on the actual number of billable hours it should take me to complete it and your place in the queue of other projects I may be working on at any given time. So paying for rush service means that your project jumps to the head of the line, and that I will work outside of my regular billable hours to complete it, ensuring that the work will still be of the highest quality!

The rush rate is 1.5x the original rate for projects completed in 75% of the time or double the original rate for projects completed in half the time. While it is unlikely that high-quality work can be completed any faster than half-time, I may be able to work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Do you maybe want to collaborate with me on a writing project?

YES! Let's get creative together! If you have a project idea, I may be interested in partnering with you for no up-front fee. We would then share authorship and split royalties from sales or any other profits. Right now, I'm especially looking for illustrators to collaborate on children's picture books. Please contact me to set up a meeting!

Will you give me a discount if I give you credit for your article/blog post/column, etc?

The short answer is NO. All rates (with the exception of specific ghostwriting services) are "WITH CREDIT" rates. This means, for you to pay the listed rate for any publishable writing project, it will be in your contract that you MUST give me a byline, and I must be allowed post it or link to it from my portfolio. If you decide to take credit for the work yourself, you're hiring me for ghostwriting, and you will therefore be required to pay DOUBLE the listed rate.