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Happy Pride!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, MY LOVES!!! Phenomenal queer artist Lisa Rose (IG @thelisabelle) created many stunning mer-people for MerMay, and this is by far my favorite! (I’m anxiously awaiting prints to show up in her shop! ) Check out these PAN COLORS! I fully embrace the term QUEER, but when I feel the need to explain what that means for me, I identify most with the terms PANSEXUAL and PANROMANTIC, which means I’m attracted to and fall in love with people based on their energies and who they are as people completely regardless of the bodies they are in, their gender identity/expression, or anything about their physical appearance. I’m usually crushing on a dozen people at any given time, but I’m unapologetically independent and happily single, so when it comes to partnership, I’ve pretty high expectations for a great combo of organic, comfortable best-friendship and fiercely passionate epic romance, which is definitely worth waiting for.

I work with teens at my local LGBTQ+ organization, and having a chance to give those kids the support and encouragement I didn’t have growing up is so important to me. And it’s such a privilege getting to see them grow and learn to love themselves for who they are and express themselves uniquely and vibrantly!

IF ANYONE OUT THERE feels alone in your queerness and/or transness, or if you just need someone to talk to PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME. I’m here for you anytime!

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