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Show up, y'all.

Updated: Jan 17

“The world is in desperate need of people who show up with a deep, unwavering commitment to justice.”

PLEASE FOLLOW @nowhitesaviors on IG (No White Saviors on FB) and check the comments of this recent post for tons of organizations on the frontlines of the crises in Afghanistan, Haiti, Palestine, Tigray, Cuba, West Papua, and Madagascar.

The State serves only its own interests of accruing and hoarding wealth and power for itself and its elite at the expense of its most vulnerable citizens, and those interests require the unwavering perpetuation of oppressive, exploitive systems built on stolen land from the flesh and sweat and tears of slaves and intentionally marginalized people and saturated with the blood of children in war zones. So we (white people) must be UNWAVERING in our fight to demolish those systems, even if we (still talking to white people) benefit from them. And we must be unwavering in our OBLIGATION (white people, did I stutter?) to use whatever privilege we have to speak about, participate in, and fund the grassroots work that circumvents The State to provide aid and resources to communities in need.

Show up, every day. Show up, even when it’s not trending. Show up, even when it’s hard or uncomfortable because if you’re making it about your own convenience or comfort or even safety, you’re forgetting that there are those who can’t change out of their skin or remove themselves from terrifying, dangerous situations or get to a safe place for long enough to even breathe, let alone forget about the trauma they’re experiencing firsthand. Decenter yourself, and SHOW. THE. FUCK. UP.

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