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Discounted Solutions for Nonprofits

Are you a non-profit organization? I have many years experience working in nonprofit administration, specifically as the Foster Program Director for the Virginia Beach SPCA and as the Volunteer Manager of the Animal Protective League in Springfield, IL. After leaving APL, I formed my own organization, VERB, which focuses on educating and inspiring youth in the areas of animal and human rights and environmental advocacy. I know running an NPO is difficult, time-consuming, and, above all, expensive. Allow me to help!

In addition to a 10-20% discount on web design, social media, and most business services, I have created the following packages specifically for not-for-profit organizations! NOTE: If your organization is not yet a registered 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization, you MUST be in the process of applying for tax-deductible status. Please let me know if you need help with your 501(c)3 application. I also offer a limited number of pro-bono services to qualifying groups each year. Click HERE to see if you're eligible and to apply!

NPO Start-up Documents: $500

Includes all documents listed below. The minimum time required to complete this service is three weeks. (MTR: 3w)

          -Mission Statement & Bylaws

          -Articles of Incorporation

          -Business Plan and Budget

          -Board Member Application

          -Organizational Chart

          -Sample Board Reports

NPO Starter Website: $750

Includes three standard web pages, a calendar/events page, a blog, domain registration, and one year of basic hosting. (A $1,120 value!) See web services for more options. The minimum time required for this service is two weeks. (MTR: 2w)

NPO Social Media Set-up Package: $65




Volunteer Documents Package: $350

Includes all documents listed below. The minimum time required to complete this service is two weeks. (MTR: 2w)

          -Volunteer Application

          -Volunteer Agreement & Liability Waiver

          -Volunteer Handbook

NPO Complete Start-up Package: $1200

This package includes all the services listed above! That's all the start-up documents, the NPO starter website and social media set-up, and all the volunteer documents. Selecting this option saves you $465! The minimum time required for this service is six weeks. (MTR: 6w)

Grant Proposal Research: $18/hr ($36 minimum)

Grant Writing: 25¢ per word ($50 minimum)

Please note: I am currently employed as a full-time Grant Writer for Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Centers in Saint Louis, MO. As such, I can only work on grants for organizations and persons with whom there is no conflict-of-interest between such organizations or persons and MHDCHC. This means I cannot provide Grant Writing services for any organization providing healthcare services of any kind (including medical, dental, or behavioral health) or for any organization who may be in competition with MHDCHC for a grant award.

NPO Website Maintenance: $12/hr (billed monthly), or choose from one of the following pre-pay plans...
          $44/mo = 4 hours per month
          $64/mo = 6 hours per month
          $80/mo = 8 hours per month
          $120/mo = 12 hours per month
          $148/mo = 16 hours per month
          $512/yr = 50 hours per year
          $740/yr = 75 hours per year
          $920/yr = 100 hours per year
          $1400/yr = 150 hours per year
          $1720/yr = 200 hours per year

NPO Social Media Management: $4 per unique post as needed, or choose from one of the following pre-pay plans...

          $15/mo OR $160/yr = one post per week
          $28/mo OR $320/yr = two posts per week (most popular!)
          $39/mo OR $440/yr = three posts per week
          $48/mo OR $560/yr = four posts per week
          $96/mo OR $1120/yr = one post per day
          $180/mo OR $2080/yr = two posts per day
          $272/mo OR $3200/yr = three posts per day
          $320/mo OR $3680/yr = four posts per day