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Love working with paper beads but don't have time to roll them yourself? No problem! Shop BiblioTrove for all your paper bead needs. :)

No wasting valuable scrapbook paper here... my brilliantly-colored beads are made from recycled junk mail and newspaper! These beautiful SPECIAL PACKS are made from PINK NEWSPAPER ADS! Only FIVE 50-packs are available, so get yours before they go!

All my paper beads are made individually by hand without the use of fancy roller tools... therefore each bead is totally unique! They're rolled on toothpicks with Elmer's glue and glazed with diamond glaze, which gives them a sturdy plastic look and feel. They range in size from about a half-inch to about 3/4 inch.

These beads are ready to ship! Just contact me if you have any other questions or requests! Thanks for shopping BiblioTrove! ~Angie

Hand-rolled Paper Beads Special PINK Pack of 50

SKU: R0014