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English Translation

Anyone can plug a word or paragraph into an online translator, but when you need a native English-speaker with a thorough understanding of grammar and syntax as well as cultural context, you need the personal touch of a human professional!


To get an idea of why a human is necessary, check out these rough online translations for a poem by Umberto Saba. You can view samples of my translation work in my portfolio.

Translation services are for translating written work of any modern language INTO ENGLISH. I have experience translating a variety of writing including news articles, web copy, academic papers, speeches, fiction, and poetry, however, I do not feel comfortable translating legal or medical documents at this time. The per-word rates below are for the number of SOURCE WORDS. This means you pay for the total words in the original document regardless of the final word-count of the English translation. The minimum time required for all translation work is three days plus one day per page. (MTR: 3d + 1d/pg)

Italian to English: Poetry - 20¢ per word, All else - 9¢ per word ($25 minimum)

Because I have studied Italian and have a good grasp of the language, especially in written form, the Italian rate is discounted!

Other Romance Languages: Poetry - 22¢ per word, All else - 10¢ per word ($30 minimum)

This is the rate for translating the Latin-based languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Catalan, and Romanian.

Poetry - 25¢ per word, All else - 11¢ per word ($35 minimum)



















Poetry - 28¢ per word, All else - 12¢ per word ($40 minimum)











Poetry - 31¢ per word, All else - 13¢ per word ($45 minimum)



          -Haitian Creole






All Other Modern Languages Not Listed Above: Poetry - 34¢ per word, All else - 14¢ per word ($50 minimum)