Angie Tonucci hails from the southeast coast of Virginia.  She's moved around a lot but currently lives in Illinois with her cat named Billina.  She studied psychology and theatre arts at Virginia Tech, Italian language at the Istituto Venezia, and communications at UIS.  She's a textbook Leo who's queer for everybody and probably has a massive crush on you.  She's vegan as fuck and curses like a goddamn sailor.  She has severe ADHD with frequent mania and auditory hallucinations, but her worst-functioning days tend to be her most creative.  She'll do whatever she can to make space for marginalized voices, and she'll always call out that white n0nsense.  She loves colorful eyeglasses, intersectional feminists, tattoos, animal liberators, smart horror movies, social justice warriors, thrift shops, unapologetic boss bitches, actual paper books on her shelves, and actual friends' art on her walls.  She has two legit swords, and she knows how to use them.


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