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Web Design & Copy

The greatest testament to my web design and copy-writing skills is this very site! I created my own website through Wix.com, but I have extensive experience with other web-builders such as Google, Wordpress, Squarespace, VistaPrint, GoDaddy, and Weebly. I also know basic HTML coding, I am well-versed in several design programs including Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity, and Inkscape, and I am technologically savvy enough to learn new programs as needed. Click the links below to view other sites I have created!

          Kindred Care Co.

          Darcy Woo Grooming (site currently under construction)

          Forget-Me-Not Animal Sanctuary (under construction - awaiting info from organization)

          The Eatery (sample restaurant site)

          Summer Laine (coming soon!)

          BiblioTrove (old shop site)

          Wordpress Blog

Feature Stories

          "No Job Too Small for APL Volunteers" (Media Writing, 2015)

News Articles

          "DC Adventure Awaits Students" (Media Writing, 2015)

Business/Organizational Documents

          Service Contract (Angie Tonucci, 2015)

          Volunteer Handbook, Agreement, & Liability Waiver (Animal Protective League, 2011-2012)

          Standard Operating Procedures (Animal Protective League, 2013)

          Foster Parent Handbook (VBSPCA, 2010)


          "Zero Suicide" Grant Proposal Cover Letter (Myrtle Hilliard Davis, 2017)

          "Have a Heart Campaign" Letter (Animal Protective League, 2012)

          B&J Foundation Grant Proposal Cover Letter (VERB, 2017)

          HWA Young Adult Write Now Endowment Application (Imaginators, 2017)

Academic Essays/Papers

          "John Q & Training Day: A Comparison" (African-American Pop Culture, 2017)

          "The Dangerous Rise of Censorship in the Media" (Mass Media, 2015)

          "Feature Stories" Essay (Media Writing, 2015)


          "Ukranian Rebels" by Alexander Byvshev (2014)

                    "Ukranian Rebels" Worksheet

          "Letter to the United States" by Alexaner Byvshev (2015)

Frances Grubb

Frances Grubb is the first novel in a five-book series about a young girl who discovers she is a powerful shapeshifter descended from an ancient line of Faerie royalty.  It is complete at 80,000 words, and I am currently seeking a literary agency to represent it for publication. Click the links below to view sample chapters, or please contact me to request the full manuscript!

          Ch. 1 "Fanny Chubb"

          Ch. 4 "Norway"

          Ch. 8 "Rhinoceros"

          Ch. 11 "The Brothers Timm"

          Ch. 14 "Rat"

          Ch. 18 "Tiffy"

          Ch. 20 "Shopping"

          Ch. 23 "Flying"

          Ch. 28 "Bears"

          Ch. 30 "Legend"

          Ch. 31 "Dublin"

Other Fiction

          Forty-three Grandparents (Novelette, E-published 2014)



Most of my poetry is currently in competition or submitted to various publications and therefore cannot be published on my website or blog. But please come out to a live event to hear me read! Check the events page for upcoming appearances. You can also listen to a live recording from a recent performance below.

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