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Animal Care Services in Central Illinois

Angie Tonucci

Kindred Care Co was started in 2018 as a comprehensive home services company offering animal care, childcare and nanny placement, transportation, home chores, and miscellaneous errands in and around Springfield, Illinois. As of 2020, KCC no longer provides any childcare/nanny services. We primarily provide animal care services including drop-in visits, dog walking, overnight stays, pet transport, occasional boarding, and some basic grooming. WE CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPT NEW CLIENTS BY REFERRAL.

Angie Tonucci is KCC's Founder, CEO, and primary service provider. Angie moved to Springfield from Virginia Beach in 2010 to take on the position of Volunteer Manager with the Animal Protective League. Over the years, she has been a mom to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, and even a human child! She has more than 20 years of professional animal handling experience through volunteering and working at zoos, animal clinics, and animal shelters, and she has worked with all sorts of animals including many with special medical and behavioral needs.  She also has more than 20 years of childcare experience as a babysitter, full-time nanny, substitute teacher, AVID tutor, school bus driver, foster parent, and youth mentor; 14 years in nonprofit administration, community engagement, and public relations; and 8 years running a successful business as a freelance writer, editor, tutor, and web designer. Angie not only has the experience, skills, and ambition to run a thriving company, but she cares deeply about serving her community and meeting its complex and ever-changing needs through hard work, dedication, and best practices!

In the event that Angie becomes unexpectedly unavailable during a client's service dates, Owen Ford is KCC’s back-up animal care provider. Angie met Owen through APL's first ever summer Junior Volunteer Program back when Owen was the hardest-working, most enthusiastic 16-year-old in Springfield! More than a decade later, she is still Angie's go-to for taking care of her motley crew of critters, and she's grown quite a brood of her own including her dog Bella, cat Teddy Bear, and two rabbits, Mumford and Zella Day. In addition to years of volunteering in animal shelters and as a kitten foster mom, Owen has many years of babysitting and other work experience. She is responsible, reliable, and guaranteed to provide first-rate care!

Booking & Billing

Text or call Angie anytime at 217-331-8317 to schedule your initial free consult. This is when she will come to your home to meet you and your fur-kids and discuss your specific needs so she can be prepared to provide the best care possible! Clients can then continue to use that number to book visits, stays, and other services.


KCC animal care services are in high demand, and popular vacation times during the summer months and around holidays book quickly! Please contact Angie as soon as you have even tentative trip dates so she can add you to her very busy schedule. The calendar at the bottom of this page shows any dates she is unavailable or when she is already fully booked for services such as overnights and boarding.



Clients should be prepared to provide at least one house key to Angie at the time of first booking. While she is happy to return keys at the conclusion of service dates, it is recommended that clients allow her to keep keys on file so that she can be available anytime you may need unexpected drop-in visits. After the initial service dates, there is a $4 fee for each time Angie must pick up or return keys outside of scheduled animal care visits.


Clients are expected to pay the regular rate for any scheduled services that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.


Clients will be billed at the conclusion of each set of service dates or monthly for daily workday visits. PayPal invoices are sent via email, and payment is due within 10 business days of the invoice date. Clients may pay the invoice directly via PayPal or make arrangements to pay by cash or check or via another secure online service such as Venmo or CashApp. No deposits or upfront payments are required as long as there are no issues with collecting payments for services. Clients who frequently fail to pay for services by payment due dates may be subject to required deposits for future bookings, and clients with unpaid invoices may not be allowed to book future services until current balances are paid in full.

Animal Care Services & Rates

Drop-In Pet-Sitting & Dog-Walking

     Quick Check / Potty Break (15 minutes max) = $15

     30-minute Home Visit = $20

20-minute Dog Walk = $24

     1-hour Home Visit = $28​

Over-Night Stays

Over-Night Only = $36/night

     Over-Night Only, 5+ Nights = $35/night

     Over-Night Only, 10+ Nights = $34/night

     Over-Night + Midday Visit = $48/night

     Over-Night + Midday Visit, 5+ Nights = $46/night

     Over-Night + Midday Visit, 10+ Nights = $44/night


     Over-Night + 2 Midday Visits = $60/night

     Over-Night + 2 Midday Visits, 5+ Nights = $58/night

     Over-Night + 2 Midday Visits, 10+ Nights = $56/night


Angie is able to provide occasional boarding for dogs in her home on a case-by-case basis.

The rate for this service is $50/day for one dog or $60/day for two.


Both Angie and Owen are thoroughly experienced at medicating animals including oral pills and liquids, eye and ear drops, and subcutaneous injections. There are no additional fees for providing oral medications that can easily be given with food/treats. For eye/ear drops and oral meds that the animal will not take with food/treats (e.g. if we have to "pill a cat"), the fee is 50¢ per dose. For injections, the fee is $1 per dose.

Transport & Field Trips

We can safely transport your animal(s) to and from grooming, day care, boarding, and vet appointments. During nice weather, we also offer doggy field trips to the dog runs at Stuart Park or to Carpenter Park for a hike.

     Transport Only (one way, up to 10 miles) = $20

Transport Only (round-trip, up to 10 miles) = $30

     1-hour Dog Park Trip (1 or 2 dogs) = $40

     1-hour Dog Hike (1 dog) = $40

1-hour Dog Hike (2 dogs) = $50

In-Home Grooming

While we do not currently offer haircuts, we can provide brushing, bathing, and nail-clipping for animals who may become stressed leaving the home! We provide all necessary supplies, shampoos, and towels, and we even make sure to clean up the client's bathroom and tub after baths!

     Nail Clipping Only, Dogs = $18 first + $5 each additional

     Nail Clipping Only, Cats/Rabbits/Cavies = $16 first + $3 each additional

     Home Bath & Brush = $24 first dog + $8 each additional

     Bath, Brush, & Nail Clipping = $30 first dog + $10 each additional

Travel Mileage

All aforementioned rates are for services provided in Springfield, Illinois as well as the nearby villages of Chatham, Rochester, Riverton, and Sherman. No additional mileage fee will be incurred for homes located within the limits of Springfield and these four villages. Addresses outside of this area will incur a surcharge of 50¢ per mile per visit as measured from Springfield city limit.

Holiday Rates

There are no additional fees for services provided on holidays as long as clients book at least two weeks in advance of the holiday. Bookings within two weeks of certain holidays will incur surcharges as follows:

Memorial Day Weekend: +10%

Independence Day (and weekends on either side): +10%

Labor Day Weekend: +10%

Thanksgiving Week (and weekends on either side): +20%

Christmas Week (and weekends on either side): +20%

Emergency Rates

For services scheduled less than 24 hours in advance, there is a surcharge of 25% of the per visit rate.


Current clients will receive a $10 account credit for each new client referral once the new client completes their first paid service!​


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