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But I Love


At the first Blow

The Impact

Unnoticed until

Ears ringing

The soft Thud of

The first droplet

Crash-landing on the carpet

Punctuation means an Ending

But I love

The Taste

Sea Salt and

Metallic Earth and


The willful Conduit, I

Ache for more, I

Fall further, I

Break Apart, I

Have a Headache and

Only One good eye

But I love

The Pain

Of cracking Open, of

Peeling back the Flesh, of

Cutting away the

Necroses, it’s

Surgery in Wartime: Tragic but

Necessary and besides

To anesthetize would defeat the purpose

And I love

Creating spaces for

The next Occupation

And I love

The Nostalgia of

Going back

To where I was a long time

And I love


Like I love

A good Paradox and

Other Things that don’t

Make any Sense

I love


Like I love

A good Horror film, I’m

Paying for my Heart to Hammer

The inside of my rib cage

I love


Like I love

A good Bad Habit like

Spending time in the Sun or

Fucking all the Wrong People

I love


Like I love

A good Hurricane, it’s

Tumultuous and

Volatile and

There’s Risk of Drowning, but

There’s Sanctity in its

Power, in its

Trenchancy, in its

Unapologetic Crusade

And Afterwards

The trees have been Washed

Of Dead Branches

I am left

Shattered in its Wake

Disembodied and

Disillusioned, Maybe.

Still, I Love

Copyright ©2019 by Angie Tonucci. All rights reserved.

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