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Car Spider

Dear Spider who lives in my car tiny architect of daily windshield webbery

You are quite well-traveled clinging tightly to the glass or sometimes the sun visor to watch the world fly by

Did you lose your leg in an altercation with your dinner? Or perhaps you fought off a hungry sparrow?

Do you mind that we listen almost exclusively to NPR? I notice you sit closer to the speaker when Fresh Air is on

Are you friends with side-view-mirror spider? Do you sign messages to each other through the window?

(Or maybe he is your arch-nemesis, and you want him out of your poem)

Bad-ass, seven-legged spider seeker of thrills, discoverer of adventures and the one who diligently keeps the car free of gnats and mosquitoes

Have no fear of me, my friend for I am not afraid of spiders as long as they stay where I can see them and do not fall on me when I’m driving

Copyright ©2017 by Angie Tonucci. All rights reserved.

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