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Italian Language School

Sweet peaches in the marketplace on my way to school, seventy-five euro-cents each. Afternoon snack from the gelato shop under umbrellas on the sidewalk. Every day was sunny. Hours of learning in between. My non capiscos became fewer by the end of the summer. Signora asked once, “Quali cose ami?” What things do you love? What did I love? What Italian nouns did I know? “Amo le pesche, il gelato, il formaggio…” Signora shrugged and nodded. She next asked, “Che cosa odi?” What did I hate? What Italian nouns did I know? “Odio le cipolle, i pomodori, la pancetta…” “No, no, no,” said Signora. “Non capisci.” I did not understand. “Odiare – hate – is too strong. You dislike onions. Non ti piace tomatoes. You hate poverty, evil, war…” Did I hate war? Did I really feel more strongly about bacon than evil? I think I just did not know the Italian words for those. And it was time for lunch.

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