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YOU. ARE. LUMINOUS. I know, I know, some days are dark days, troubled days, bed days under blanket days. Some days are off days, terribly out-of-sync days, the universe is inside-out days. Some days you CRUSH IT. Most days you can feel the spectacular heaviness of the very air around you as it presses through your skin and pulverizes you to bone dust. BUT, despite the planetary weight bearing down upon your incredibly fragile, incredibly human shoulders, YOU. ARE. RESPLENDENT. You are RADIANT. You are raw, uninhibited ENERGY. You are EVERYTHING that is LIGHT and LIFE. I know, I know, some days are tough days, crawling in the muck days, fuck it all to motherfucking fuck days. Some days are muffled sobs in the shower days. Others are imploding in front of the barista days, losing your shit in the back of an Uber days, straight-up toddler-style meltdown at the grocery store days. Some days YOU’RE BOSS. Many days you’re lost. BUT, for all the wandering, the floundering, the sinking and the drowning, the light at the end of the long tunnel IS YOU. YOU. ARE. SPLENDOR. You are FIRE. You are STARLIGHT. LITERALLY. You are made of the star-stuff of the cosmos. And that makes you IMMORTAL. That makes you INFINITE. That makes you MAGIC. THAT. MAKES. YOU. MATTER. You. Yeah YOU. You child of star-fire, you spreader of sunbeams, you bearer of torches, you embodiment of eternal flame, you exquisite soul with the blazing aura, YOU. ARE. LUMINOUS.

Copyright ©2019 by Angie Tonucci. All rights reserved.

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