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The House We Build

Let’s build a house of Legos Not those off-brand bricks that don’t quite snap together let’s be rich enough to afford the real ones special-ordered in all the sizes even the big ones made for the toddlers so they don’t choke and all the colors even the glittery ones and every shape even the weird ones so we can make a garden The Plastic Garden of Misfit Lego Parts Let’s build a house of mazes There’ll be surprises at every turn and the tunnels will stretch for miles and the children will go missing for weeks happily lost on underground expeditions and only you and I will know the way to our room the one in the high tower with a ceiling open to the stars and a proper view of the ocean It doesn’t matter which one Let’s build a house of books With stairs made of science fiction and walls made of bedtime stories and the kitchen table will be one giant atlas so we can plan our vacations during dinner and some rooms will be just for reading adventures with wardrobes to Narnia and Neverland and Oz and Hogwarts and we’ll keep all the Sherlock Holmes in the Escape Room and there’ll be a stage for performing Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams Meet me in the Poetry Room in the mornings Let’s build a house of music With literally every instrument ever made even like sitars and stylophones and pan flutes and bagpipes and we’ll have a live-in musician to teach us how to play them all and the pipe organ will take up the entire second floor and the massive jukebox will hold every song ever written and we’ll start a rock band in the garage The dance parties will go on for days Let’s build a house of cities We can photograph the different architecture in our pajamas and we’ll have pizza in the Rome Room and sushi in Tokyo and there’ll be rooms for lost cities like Atlantis and Pompeii and Machu Picchu and there’ll be a New York Room and a London Room and a Paris Room which we’ll have all to ourselves to explore There won’t be any tourists Let’s build a house of dreams There’ll be a room for dreams of outer space and one where we can feast all day and never get fat and a room for serendipitous encounters with celebrities and one for dreams that are scary but in a good way and the attic will hold the flying dreams but we’ll lock the bad ones away in the basement We’ll send the therapist there to evaluate them The house we build Will have rooms with only soft things for arguments and rooms full of costumes for make-believe and rooms for practicing languages and jiu-jitsu and rooms for baking cookies and making art and forest rooms where the birds and squirrels will live and rooms under the water for the manatees and dark rooms where the ghosts will live and rooms full of closets for the monsters And everyone will have a room to keep their snacks in And everyone will have a room to keep their secrets in And the rest of the world won’t matter there In the house of Legos and books The musical house of mazes and cities The house by the ocean that stores all the dreams Where we’ll make love under the stars And breakfast with the poets in the mornings

Copyright ©2017 by Angie Tonucci. All rights reserved.

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