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Free Writing Resources

Writing Exercises & Prompts

Writing Exercises UK

Tons of prompts and games as well as random generators

for plot, characters, first lines, scenarios and more!


Poetry prompts, fantasy prompts, and exercises for kids and

teens, plus writing tips, tools, and other resources.

ThinkWritten 365 Prompts

One prompt for each day to keep you writing every day of the year!

Tools & Other Resources

Inkarnate Map Creator

Phenomenal fantasy map program that offers most of its amazing

features for free, but even the paid version is only $25 per year!


Fantasy Calendar

This totally free calendar was created to help keep track of D&D

campaigns, and it's got EVERYTHING.  Create and track your

world's months, holidays, events, moons, and even the weather!


Fantasy Name Generators

Not just for fantasy writers!  This is the largest, most comprehensive

site for random name generators in the world!  Get ideas for anything

from elves to centaurs to pirates to superpowers to mutant plants 

and more!  Plus, donations to the site go toward planting trees!

Family Echo

Create family trees to keep track of your characters' relationships!

Word Hippo

Literally the best thesaurus on the internet! (You can't change my mind.)

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